There were 5 switches hidden behind this wire. We managed to move some patch panels and relocate the switches next to the patch panels.
1ft cables provide the network access instead of 7ft cables.

This network drop had been ripped out of the wall when a desk was moved. The inside wall plates had to be replaced and 1 re-punch was done.

For whatever reason, this customer had a network switch laying on top of the cabinet. The UPS was dead and everything was difficult to access.
The internal wires were switched from 3ft to 1ft and the external switch was placed inside the cabinet.


This is a picture of 6 24" monitors that we installed for this customer. We had originally built a custom Intel Core i7 system with 3 monitors.
A week went by and he asked for 3 more. These monitors are being run by dual Radeon 5770 video cards.

Another crowded closet. The 3ft cables were swapped out for 1ft cables.
Typical computer cleanup job. The insides are blown out and temp file are removed.
This was a small form factor PC that had bad capacitors. We replaced to capacitors and added a fan for the heatsink.